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Image by Robin Schreiner


Expore an control an ever expanding universe. I’ve always been inspired by chaotic environments which I explored heavily in my abstract expressionist painting. I naturally wanted to move beyond the limits of the canvas and finally in X I am able to combine all the elements imaginable // sound, image, performance and XR technology // in a space that is constantly transforming thanks to everyone’s contribution.

In Development

World Upload

Quickly and easily being able to upload the worlds that I build in Unity to the web browser system.

Player Movement

Upon free signup, you can enter the world and move around using WASD + spacebar to jump

Exquisite Corpse

You will be able to alter my bodyparts at the click of a button.

What Next?

Suggest what you would like to see in the world.
Vote for your favorite ideas.

Every 30 Days:
The post with the highest number of votes will procede to Crowdfunding Stage.
The user responsible for the post will be rewarded with a unique skin.